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CEO Alexey Saenko

AMT-Group is a dynamic and effective business that implements energy projects of any complexity in Russia and abroad, including engineering, manufacturing, supply of equipment and materials, construction and installation works, servicing.

Impeccable history, trust of Russian and foreign partners and the lessons we learned during constructing nuclear power plants offer us opportunities for realization of projects of any scale on exclusive terms.

We are trying to be attractive to our partners through an individual approach with due consideration of business particularities, self-dependent selection of necessary equipment, providing consulting services in various fields, and so forth.

The measures allow us to maintain the pace and dynamics of our economic development, increase our customer base and increase the number and volume of our business transactions.

Our staff consists of experienced, qualified professionals and engineers, whose professionalism constantly grows together with the achievements of the organization itself.

I would like to thank all our partners for fruitful cooperation, commitment and reliability.

We are looking for new partners, striving for economic development and prosperity, in order to implement joint projects of any complexity and scale.

Together we will complete any kind of task!

AMT Group, Vice-President
Alexey Saenko

CEO Alexey Saenko

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